Monthly Awareness

Our Venmo to purchase stickers: @hccstrong

United Way Foster Care Bags

HCC Foundation with the support of United Way put together "birthday" bags for youth in foster care. As most of you know when a youth enters foster care their life is disrupted, many times it's hard for them to find their place. These bags are given to them on their birthday, each bag contained all of items a youth needs to have a party, paper plates, napkins, decorations, cake mix, sprinkles, other items & HCC added a "Hungry Caterpillar Birthday" book! These bags were donated to CASA- an amazing organization that represents the best interest of foster youth in the court system, all advocates are volunteers in our community! Thank you for your hard work & dedication. Thank you United Way for providing this opportunity & support to the community.


Human trafficking awareness

We have created a custom HCC sticker that represents those individuals that have been through human trafficking, and the police force in support of staff that I've helped rescue these individuals from those situations. All funds will be donated to our local human trafficking, task force located in Burley. Funds will be used to purchase needed items for kids and young adults.


Marine Corps

This months custom HCC sticker is dedicated to the Marine Corps! HCC is a veteran owned & ran facility by a former Marine. The core values of the Marine Corps are Honor, Courage & Commitment, where HCC's name came from. We support all Veterans from all branches.

In order to receive your sticker you can do one of two things.
1- donate an unopened pack of underwear or socks for men or women.
2-donate five dollars per sticker.

I have called around to community agencies that work/support Veterans to find out what items are needed at this time. It was stated that the need is socks & underwear. Many Veteran men & woman come to homeless shelters without underwear & socks.

Help HCC help the community! You do not have to be a member to participate in this!


Halloween Party & Trunk or Treat

We offered a Halloween party instead to our members and families.


Childhood cancer

September, HCC Childhood cancer awareness STICKER! We have created a custom HCC sticker that represents those that battle childhood cancer. All funds where donated to our local Magic Valley Pediatric Cancer collation. MVPCC provides financial, mental and emotional, housing, and food for families that are battling pediatric cancer.


Breast-feeding & Child Safety

In August it was breast-feeding awareness month & child safety. From the funds that were raised HCC purchase bottles, sippy cup, formula, & infant toys to donate to CASA & the department of health & welfare.


Veteran PTSD

In July HCC sold our 4th of July stickers to raise awareness to Veteran PTSD. With those funds HCC purchased 50 PTSD to provide to our community Veterans, through the Veteran Services program in Twin Falls.

Today I met with retired Marine, Sergeant Robert Smith, Robert shared with me that they have been trying to come up with ways to allow Veterans to work through their traumatic experiences in a healthy manner, but have not been extremely successful in helping them identify & process their triggers. Once he reviewed the PTSD journals he decided that they would be used in Veteran Court, at Veteran Services, & at Proactive Family Services in conjunction with each Veterans treatment & recovery plan.... so today Robert & HCC sat down & and ordered 250 more and 50 woman journals as well, to give to our community Veterans!



All funds were donated to Veterans services here in Twin Falls to purchase needed items for military families.



I want to tell you about the wonderful woman who received our baskets full of goodies. Dani & Lacey are both beautiful, young mothers and wives, hard working, dedicated, strong, resilient, and yes..... battling the silent disease.... Lupus. Lupus has many heads, like Medusa, some days symptoms are manageable, mellow & at time unnoticed to those around them, but inside they are in pain, struggling both physically and mentally.... Wondering what change they made in their daily lives that caused a flare up. Lupus is forever changing & those who battle, fight with its inconsistent & sporadic symptoms. If you are battling Lupus you are not alone! Thank you, to the community that purchased stickers & made this possible.