Train in a Fun Group Setting

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Group training sessions can not only be fun, but they can also help you, your family and your friends hold each other accountable. That's why HCC Strength & Conditioning offers small group training sessions for residents of Twin Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. You'll also meet like-minded individuals who will encourage you to reach all your lifestyle goals together.

Two options for group membership:

Monthly Pass and 10 Punch Pass

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Work together towards healthy goals

Small group training is a fantastic way to work towards your best self and join others as they do the same. When you sign up for group training sessions, you'll:

Meet three to four times a week as your schedule permits

Receive instruction and feedback on movement and form

Feel a strong sense of community as you pursue your healthiest self

No need to go out and buy DVDs and expensive equipment as you try to go your health journey alone - HCC Strength & Conditioning has the community and equipment you need to succeed. Reach out to schedule your group training session today.