Benefits Of Team Strength Training

Are you looking for a way for your team to get an edge on the competition? Has your team lost close games or lost momentum as the season goes on? The missing link could be a strength and conditioning training. Strength has been proven to be the most beneficial asset to athletic performance. Strength can produce faster sprint times for athletes, running more will not make stronger athletes.

The missing link is finding what muscles are weak on each individual athlete and prescribing the correct exercises. By doing this you will improve force production and improve efficiency with each step you take. Here is a brief overview of how letting Showtime Strength & Performance handle your team’s strength and conditioning can lead to an improved season.

HCC encourages working with teams at least 2 times a week for one-hour sessions. The price varies on how many youth, the age of the youth, and over all team needs. If you want to see growth, the more they are training with HCC’s strength and conditioning specialist the more progress you are going to see in your athletes.

Decreased risk of injury

We will do an assessment of each athlete when they begin so we can get a baseline of performance, but also where we can see potential risk of injury. Once we see what muscle groups are weak, we can prescribe special strength or pre-hab exercises to the athlete to further help their training move forward. Strong muscle groups don’t get injured, it was the weak area not being able to withstand the work at the time.

Strength Builds Speed

In sports, speed is crucial. But by running long distance you will go backwards in your performance goals. The training must be beneficial to the athlete’s health and on field performance. Stronger athletes produce more force and are more efficient making it easier to accelerate and change direction. Have you ever seen two people race, but one person pulls away towards the end? That is absolute strength kicking in because that athlete is stronger, while the person falling behind is decelerating because they can’t produce force, as long as the stronger athlete.


It will create unity among a team. They will learn to lift and do exercises that challenge their comfort because they haven’t done them before. Athletes experiencing this together will have a sense of unity that they set a goal and achieved it together. The training will help the leaders rise to the top and bring their teammates with them.

Increased Endurance

With our training, we will use dynamic effort training and repetitive effort training. What this does is teaches athletes to produce force quickly and then the repetitive method will make sure that they can repeat the task with the same force. This is crucial for teams when games go longer than normal. The team that can avoid fatigue longer will always have an advantage.


Our coaches will teach correct form on all strength training, speed training, and plyometric exercises. Our coaches have learned from some of the best strength training coaches and doctors in the world to be able to examine what exercise an athlete needs, how to assess if it’s being performed correctly/incorrectly, and how to adjust if needed, and how to progress an exercise. Train safely to perform optimally.

If your team is looking to increase performance and the confidence of the athletes, please email us at or visit our webpage at to see how we can help your team prepare for their pre, post, or during season training.